Understand Allergies

An allergy is where the body has an adverse reaction to a usually harmless substance called an allergen. Allergens include pollen, house dust mites, pet dander (e.g. tiny flakes of dead skin), food,etc

Inside allergy sufferers, the immune system springs into action even though the trigger poses no danger. This reaction can cause inflammation and the visible allergy symptoms.

Trying to avoid the cause of your allergies can be a constant struggle, and we know this isn't always practical or easy. But being prepared and managing your allergies with effective treatment can help reduce the impact allergies can have on your life.

With over 50 years of experience, we do everything we can to understand peoples' allergies and have developed a range of products to help tackle them.

Within the Piri range there is a choice of treatments to suit different needs. Whether you want to take something once a day, need a non drowsy solution, want an alternative to tablets or need something suitable for a one year old child, Piri has something that can help.