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Piriton Antihistamine Allergy Relief Syrup and Tablets

Pirinatural Daily Nasal Wash

Pirinatural helps to reduce hay fever symptoms by washing away excess mucus and allergens such as dust and pollen.


Pirinatural Daily Nasal Wash is used to help remove allergens such as pollen and dust. PiriNatural is a preservative free, isotonic, natural sea water solution that helps clean obstructed nasal passages caused by allergies. This makes it useful all year round. It can be used daily by all the family, from 2 years, and can be found in the healthcare aisle. Pirinatural can reduce the need for other treatment options but can also be used in combination with allergy medication. The nozzle is designed for comfort and safety, adapting perfectly to fit the nostril and the aloe vera acts to soothe and moisturise!


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What is in Pirinatural?

Pirinatural is 100% Natural and is drug and preservative free. Containing just aloe vera powder, sea water and purified water, the ingredients couldn’t be more simple.

Why use Pirinatural?

Pirinatural is clinically proven. It can be used for various reasons. If you are suffering with cold or allergy nasal symptoms, Pirinatural acts to clean, wash and moisturise the nasal passages when blocked. Allergens and excess mucus can be washed away.

How often can I use Pirinatural?

Pirinatural can be used as often as needed, however, the usual frequency is 1 to 2 times a day per nostril.